Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr.



About Wayne


Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. is a licensed nurse, practicing in South Carolina. Prior to nursing, Gregory had a successful career in the project management field. Gregory earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Government and Political Science from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. Additionally, Wayne holds a Master’s degree in Public Education from Clemson University.  As if that were not enough, Gregory Jr. recently decided to pursue his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Gregory will graduate in 2021!

Education has always been an important part of Wayne’s life. Upon graduation from high school, Gregory continued his education by attending Furman University. His Political Science and Government degree gave him the tools  necessary to excel in his first position, the Project Manager for Greenville, South Carolina. The role required excellent communication skills, the ability to adapt,  and much more.  Gregory proved that he could do each aspect of the job, and  do it well! 

Although Wayne enjoyed this role very much, he then went  on to become the Economic Development Project Manager for Columbia, South Carolina. This role was similar to his in  Greenville, but required even more. Again, Gregory proved his aptitude by excelling at this role right off the bat. He formed relationships with colleagues and community members alike in order to push forward economically sound projects for the city. 

From there, Gregory Jr. went on to own his own business, Gregory Equipment Sales, in Spartanburg, South Carolina. While very  different from his previous two  positions, Wayne  thoroughly enjoyed this role. In fact, he continues to operate the business to this day, while studying to become a nurse. 


Wayne’s Perspective

Throughout his life, Wayne Emerson Gregory  Jr. was blessed with the opportunity to  attend several great  schools. Wayne did not  take this opportunity  lightly, and he fully took on the challenges  at each step along the way. He says that his dedication to studying and his Christian faith are what helped him get to where he is today.

Although it took him a while to get there, Gregory knows that healthcare is where his passion truly lies. He is committed to providing excellent experiences for his patients, even during a difficult time in their life. Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. is looking forward to what this new venture brings! With a combination of diligence, compassion, and dedication, Gregory is sure to make a mark and help many patients along the way!

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